Mucky Project


The Mucky Project was created in 1985 with the mission of rescuing primates belonging to the Brazilian fauna that were the victims of accidents, of wildlife trade and of mistreatments with the aim of offering shelter and providing a worthy life free of pain and exploration.

biO2 has in its Environmental Policy the compromise of supporting preservation and/or research fauna projects, aiming to promote environmental awareness in order to decrease negative environmental impacts and seek balance between human being and the nature.

One of the ways to fulfil this mission is the partnership we have made with the Mucky project through donations and 10% reversion of the sales of the biO2kids Banana juice.


We, just like them, believe that we all human beings have the same right to life, to care and to respect. As mentioned in our Policy of Animals Rights, we believe that the coexistence between all living beings is only possible when the human species recognizes the right of other animal species to the free existence of exploration of any kind and for any purpose.


Check out more about the project and support this cause you too.