It is believed that even though efforts have been made regarding environmental preservation, many natural resources are still being used and it is acknowledged that all its activities, products and services may cause impacts on the environment. Therefore, we are concerned with our environment sustainability in everything we do. 

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For biO2, fostering the production and consumption of organic food and vegetables without being too processed is a duty, because besides being healthier, they are environmental-friendly.

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Veganism and the natural environment

To discuss the positive impacts of a vegetable-based diet, we first need to contextualize and understand all the negative consequences that the natural environment faces when our a food choices involve animal origin ingredients.

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Mucky Project

The Mucky Project was created in 1985 with the mission of rescuing primates belonging to the Brazilian fauna that had been victims of accidents, of wildlife trade and of mistreatments with the aim of offering shelter and providing a worthy life free of pain and exploration.

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biO2 aimed to gather the neutralization of all the carbon issued in expeditions with decrease of the air pressure of the Amazon Forest, which is very rich in biodiversity and that suffers negatively with the anthropic impacts.

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Tetra Pak

The destination of residues has become one of the biggest environmental issues of the 21st century. We understand that a conscious disposal is one of the main factors for a less harmful action of the environment.

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biO2 environmental policy

The philosophy of biO2 is quality of life through the balance of interactions between human beings and nature. Its value is a natural and vegetarian diet, practice of sports, and contact with the environment.

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biO2 PET giveaways

biO2 commitment with the conservation of natural ecosystems is also extended to its promotional giveaways. biO2 believes that besides the choice for its food products be strongly connected with the environment preservation, its promotional giveaways should be aligned with the same philosophy.

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IDESAM – CO2 Calculator

This tool calculates the CO2 emissions generated from its main routine activities: transportation, electric energy consumption, kitchen gas, and air trips. We suggest that the pieces of information be related to the last twelve months.

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