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Por que Floresta?
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Creating a forest was the most direct way we found to retribute nature. This project is a partnership between biO2 and Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

100% of the paid value is automatically forwarded to SOS Mata Atlântica.

biO2 + SOS Mata Atlântica

Por que Floresta?

For 20 years, biO2 has been searching a way to become a reference in sustainability by offering natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free foods and others without artificial additive and valuing Brazilian superfoods. To celebrate this trajectory, in 2019, biO2 together with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica will plant 15,000 seedlings of native trees, the biO2 Forest that will regenerate a region devastated by agriculture and livestock farming.

Agroforestry systems will also be built, besides an educational program that will gather researches of environmental sciences by reinforcing our concern with sustainability.

biO2 Forest will be a case seeking sustainable alternatives for soil use. “Our forest will be in Serra da Mantiqueira, a water cradle that supplies the Brazilian Southeast cities. The aim is to recover the native forest of the Atlantic Forest biome responsible for helping the biodiversity maintenance, air purification, soil protection and weather regulation in a strategic area that ensures water supply for the future. We want to prove that the sustainable development exists and that it is possible to keep our forests on their feet,” says Maysa Santoro, biO2 biologist.

“We do not understand now why everything has been devastated. Even the centennial trees have not been spared, they could at least serve as cattle shadow”, says Leandro Farkuh, biO2 CEO.

Today, there are many unproductive areas that could and should be reforested.

Sharing values like this is biO2 goal, strengthening a network formed by companies, artists, engineers, biologists, advertisers, photographers and environmentalists who have similar beliefs.