Marcela Witt

Kitesurf & Surf

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 11/24/1990

The passion for water sports runs in the family. Marcela is always in the water ever since she can remember. For her, the sea feels like home, it is a place where you feel at ease, free and complete.

She started surfing when she was a little one and kitesurfing a bit later on when she was 14. This sport was not very well-known in Rio de Janeiro and there were not many people her age going sailing. Her father, uncle and grandfather were already used to sail and decided to teach her.

Less than one year later, she was already taking part in championships, and, though she was not very happy competing, the idea of travelling around to set sail was so fascinating that competition turned out to be just an excuse to spend her life on the road in search of winds and waves. Marcela had many achievements over the years:
2018 – 1,000 km downwind along the Brazilian coastline
2018 – 4th place in the Kitesurf World Championship (strapless category)
2018 – 3rd place in the Brazilian Kitewave Championship – Rio de Janeiro
2017 – 1st place in the Brazilian Kitewave Championship – Rio de Janeiro
2016 – First woman to kitesurf in Antarctica
2008 – 4th place in the Brazilian Kitesurf Championship – Piauí
2008 – 2nd place in the Carioca Wakeboard Championship
2007 – 1st place in the Carioca Wakeboard Championship – Rio de Janeiro

Shortly after having started competing, she kicked off her career on TV on Multishow programs and right after on Channel Off. She has realized that content production was what she really liked. Since then, she has been very busy running around, sailing, surfing and producing materials.
Your motivation comes with challenges and by living your life outside your comfort zone!


"My preferred products are the vanilla cereal bar with peanut butter and banana juice."